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IEC Standard

AUTBUS Is Standardized By IEC

The AUTBUS is IEC standardized and listed under the number IEC 61158 Type 28 and IEC 61784 CPF22.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a standardization body for international standards of electrical, electronic, and information technologies to ensure safe, efficient as well as reliability operations.

IEC 61158 Type 28 

IEC 61158 describes the basic data packet communication services and models in an industrial field environment for automation controls. The Type-28 link layer provides time-critical and non-time-critical communication services. “Time-critical” refers to the requirement to perform certain functions between devices within a defined time window in an industrial field environment. Failure to perform the specified functions within the time window may result in failures or damage to industrial production.

IEC 61784 CPF22

IEC 61784-1-22:2023 defines Communication Profile Family 22 (CPF 22). CPF 22 specifies a protocol specific communication profile (CP) based on the IEC 61158 series (Type 28) and other standards, to be used in the design of devices involved in communications in factory manufacturing and process control.

IEC 61784-5-22:2024 specifies the installation profile for CPF 22 (AUTBUS). The installation profile is specified in Annex A. This annex is read in conjunction with IEC 61918:2018, IEC 61918:2018/AMD1:2022 and IEC 61918:2018/AMD2:2024.