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Typical applications for the AUTBUS with its multi-drop data network technology can be found in factory automation, in the use of public transport, in building automation, in traffic control systems and also for charging station parks for electric vehicles.

AUTBUS technology can be integrated into industrial control systems, remote I/O, sensors and actuators, for example, and can take over the tasks of existing field buses.  Its technology can be integrated into various automation systems. With the possibility of using AUTBUS for data tunnelling, e.g. Ethernet based transmission protocols such as ProfiNet, EtherNet/IP or ModbusTCP, existing fieldbus installations can still be used.

Parking Management: Pay and display car parks usually have entry and exit stations with barriers, pay stations and video cameras. More modern car parks also have sensors to determine car park occupancy and signalling systems for traffic management. In the future, services such as app-based parking reservations and cashless payment of parking fees will be offered, among others. Existing parking areas can be modernised with an AUTBUS Multidrop solution so that devices such as video cameras, parking sensors and parking reservation systems can be easily connected.

Multi Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles (EV): With the increasing spread of electromobility, the number of charging stations for electric vehicles in public spaces is also rising. This requires not only charging power lines, but also wireless or wired communication, for example for access control during charging, billing or remote maintenance. In this case, the AUTBUS multidrop solution is suitable for simple networking of charging stations, for future expansions and also for connecting additional devices to the charging station if required.

Building Infrastructures: In intelligent buildings, there are many areas of application for the single pair-based multidrop solution. In existing digital ceiling solutions, for example, AUTBUS can be placed directly at the device outlet. AUTBUS multidrop with a data rate of 100 Mbit is particularly suitable where applications are lined up at regular intervals. For example, blind controls on a window front are predestined for the use of AUTBUS multidrop.